Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch, promoter of Guatemalan education, has passed away

Arana, L. La Hora, 2020

The passing of Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch, who was the president of the Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Foundation, was communicated today, Sunday. The businesswoman distinguished herself by supporting Guatemalan education in addition to creating nutrition programs to benefit children.

Isabel de Bosch was recognized during 2020 as one of the 100 most powerful women in Central America and the Dominican Republic by Forbes Central America magazine, which recognizes the work of women who stand out in different areas.

During 2019, Isabel de Bosch received the “Golden Fork Award” as Person of the Year, for her humanitarian work, within the framework of the Food Fair in Guatemala.

More than 100 young people have benefited with complete studies in private universities in the country through the university scholarship program she established.

It seems as if an internal fire was dictating urgently: “One more person, Isabel, help one more person; time is running out and you can help one more person ... "