Inauguration of the square in honor of Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch

Inauguración de plaza en honor a Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch

The Universidad del Valle de Guatemala named the CIT plaza in honor of Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch.

Doña Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch stood out for always seeking the welfare and growth of others. Throughout her distinguished career, she led different social aid initiatives including the Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Foundation and university scholarships for low-income youth. 

Due to the impact that her actions left in Guatemala, the authorities of the Universidad del Valle decided to commemorate her legacy. To do so, they made a tribute to her life and named the plaza of the Center for Innovation and Technology (CIT) as “Plaza Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch.”

This plaza represents the desire to see a Guatemala that is a leader in innovation, entrepreneurship, and the formation of competitive talent with high values and commitment.

“To inaugurate the Plaza Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch, as a family, fills us with great pride, gratitude and emotion, since it was she, who, with great enthusiasm and commitment, promoted the formation of talented young people at the Universidad del Valle” commented Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutiérrez, representative of the family during the tribute, as well as the vice-president of the board of directors of the Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Foundation.

Doña Isabel led the Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Foundation, which is the social arm of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI). Through it, different programs have been created in education, health, and other areas of social impact. 

In fact, it was thanks to Doña Isabel’s initiative that the university scholarship program was created in 2000, from which she had the joy and satisfaction of seeing many young people complete their studies and succeed in their working lives. 

The Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Foundation University Scholarships

These scholarships have supported more than 365 young Guatemalans to pursue their university studies and grow both professionally and personally. What began as one or two scholarships a year has grown to the possibility of awarding up to 50 scholarships by 2022. 

These scholarships are considered some of the most complete in the country, as they seek to cover 100% of educational expenses. From tuition and registration fees, to books, materials, and a monthly stipend for the students.

Young people who wish to apply for one of these scholarships must meet the following requirements:

  • To be of limited financial means.
  • To be in the last year of diversified secondary studies.
  • To have a minimum grade point average of 85 points from third grade through the last year of high school.
  • Not having started university studies before.
  • Possessing a high degree of discipline, motivation and commitment to participate in the different activities of the program.
  • To be willing to study at the campuses/locations of the universities to which you can apply within the program. 

Students who graduate through these scholarships are able to complete their degree with high academic performance and acquire valuable professional skills that distinguish them in the working world. Many of them even manage to obtain subsequent scholarships and exchanges abroad, as well as participate in projects of worldwide recognition and impact. 

Without a doubt, Isabel’s legacy has impacted, and will continue to impact the lives of many young people and families in Guatemala.